‘He’ vs ‘she’ in Australian media coverage: what the language of news tells us about gender imbalance

Dr Annabelle Lukin Faculty of Human Sciences Director of MRes. The data are a rich source for understanding how Australian newspapers project Australian stories and voices. You can download the full corpus here (scroll down to the link “Australia 2015/2016” to download the data). You can find the word frequency list I compiled for the Australian media [...]

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Управленческий дискурс как технология коммуникации в системе отношений государства и общества

Год: 2015 Автор научной работы: Шилина, Светлана Александровна Ученая cтепень: доктора [...]


Авторы Бычкова Татьяна Александровна Журнал Филология и культура Выпуск№ 4 (38) / [...]

Управленческий дискурс в жанре интервью менеджера: функционально-прагматический аспект

Автореферат:avtoreferat Год: 2009 Автор научной работы: Даржаева, Наталья [...]

Managerial discourse as a particular type of institutional discourse (linguistic aspect)

Yudina O.L. UDK 316 BBK 60.82 The article considers linguistic peculiarities of managerial discourse. Following V.I. Karasik’s description of the structure of [...]

Managerial discourse and the link between theory and practice: From ROI to value-based management

Abstract Building on Thrift's (2005) concept of the cultural circuit of capitalism using critical discourse analysis, the paper investigates the influence of management [...]

A Multisemiotic Analysis of Latent Gender Discrimination

Latent Gender Discrimination: Multisemiotic Analysis Authors Pilar González Llerena, Mariia V. Rubtcova, Saraph O. Narayana Murthy Publication [...]

TheGraffiti.Science: New website for the Cross-Cultural Multimodal Research Project

The Graffiti Science: New website for the Cross-Cultural Multimodal Research Project The Cross-Cultural Multimodal Research Project will be available at: [...]

Стажировка – путь в профессию

СТУДЕНТУ  Государственная программа стажировки выпускников в целях получения опыта работы [...]